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Desyncra™ for Tinnitus

Using the new Desyncra™ for Tinnitus system this science based therapy acts on the source of the tinnitus sounds within your brain. Available only at The Tinnitus Clinic in the UK, the treatment works over a number of months, aiming to sustainably reduce the loudness and annoyance of your tinnitus sounds. If you can hear the gentle tones, and have had tonal tinnitus for more than 4 months, then this treatment could be suitable for you. Request an Initial Assessment to find out if you are suitable .

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Learn about the Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation treatment

Long term relief

Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation offers sustained relief to you by making long lasting changes to the patterns of activity in your brain which produces the tinnitus.

Typically, patients experience changes to their tinnitus sound within a few weeks of starting therapy and as the therapy proceeds the distressing symptoms reduce, including the loudness and annoyance of the tinnitus.

The benefits last beyond the therapy period, with 7 out of 10 people getting significant relief from the worst of their symptoms. Studies on this treatment are Sale Countdown Package Manolo Blahnik Python Embellished Sandals Discount Amazon Free Shipping New Arrival Discount Footlocker Pictures 2cSBOA1s1
. Read our patients’ experiences in their own words below.

Professor Jane Mellor explains why she chose Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation

Treatment programme

The treatment is delivered using therapeutic tones sent through the Desyncra for Tinnitus device to the hearing part of the brain. The programme usually takes around 36 weeks.

The noninvasive, targeted tones are tailored to your exact tinnitus profile and are adjusted periodically throughout the therapy to ensure they remain optimised. Every appointment is important as we reprogramme the device to your changing tinnitus tone and provide support for associated symptoms such as sleeplessness and anxiety.

Comfortable and convenient

Your unique set of therapeutic tones from the Desyncra for Tinnitus device are set to be quiet but just audible. So you can carry on with everyday life while receiving the therapy in the background choosing a time when it is convenient for you.

Proven results

Acoustic CR ® Neuromodulation treatments are being carried out in all of The Tinnitus Clinics in the UK. Here are some of our patients who want to tell you their story.

Note: Avoid room light exposure, and blue light (tv, phones, computers) before bedtime as light is associated with a decrease in ALICE THONG Tbar sandals soft pink Best Wholesale Cheap Price Fashion Style Cheap Online 0tJq2TCXU
onset and duration, and negatively affects sleep, and the circadian system [, ].

At SelfHacked, it’s our goal to offer our readers all the tools possible to get optimally healthy. When I was struggling with chronic health issues I felt stuck because I didn’t have any tools to help me get better. I had to spend literally thousands of hours trying to read through studies on pubmed to figure out how the body worked and how to fix it.

That’s why I decided to create tools that will help others cut down the guesswork:

FDA Compliance

The information on this website has not been evaluated by the Food Drug Administration or any other medical body. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Information is shared for educational purposes only. You must consult your doctor before acting on any content on this website, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.


Submitted February 8, 2018 08:54AM

I would say that lack of motivation can be drived through anxiety or depression. I found that Creatine even in low dose acts stabilizing on my mood, and removes tiredness. It’s anti anxity effects were comperable to Niacin amide, but Creatine improves alertness, while Nacin amide were relaxing to the point of sleep promotion, definetaly not working for improving focus and motivation. Catuaba is a herb with caffeine like feel which is also a strong afrodisiac. I never tried it, but Qualia is advertised as an motivation supplement also.

Submitted October 28, 2017 07:01PM

FWIW modafinil while helping me stay awake, felt like it gave me less motivation. Last time I tried racetams was ages ago but Pramecetam give give me more motivation.

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Submitted October 12, 2017 03:36AM

Thank you so much, just what I needed.

Submitted October 11, 2017 02:14PM

You listed microdosing of LSD, but excluded microdosing of psilocybin?

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Submitted October 9, 2017 07:19PM

Caffeine blocks adenosine receptors, which can interfere with dopamine signalling and its receptors. When caffeine blocks A2A receptors, it can enhance dopamine receptors because D2 receptors are now free. We added another reference that talks about this. New Cheap Online ITAI Overtheknee boots black Cheap Sale Manchester ePu5v5n

Submitted October 7, 2017 09:32AM

why is ADHD not listed under the associated disorders/dis-eases when dopamine is the key element to it??? on the other hand AD(H)D is listed under nicotine? Is there a specific reason?

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Submitted October 7, 2017 08:22AM

Where you state that caffeine leads to indirect increase of dopamine – the references text doesn’t say anything like this, can you clarify?


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Creatine nitrate blends the benefits of dietary creatine and nitrates. It enhances exercise performance by increasing endurance, muscle mass gain, and fatigue resistance. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits and risks and to learn if this supplement can revolutionize your workouts.


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